miércoles, 17 de octubre de 2007

Helena Bonham Carter haunts online forum

Actress Helena Bonham Carter was so upset by her body's reaction to fertility drugs that she went online to find help.
Helena, 41, was trying for a child with boyfriend Tim Burton and started taking fertility drug Clomid, but the experience was a real downer.
Says Helena: "I had a terrible reaction to it. It turned out I was ovulating anyway. It stressed me out beyond belief. Hormonally, I was all over the shop and I got really low emotionally."
The actress started searching for information about the drug, and wound up joining an online forum.
She explains: "Lots of people don't have that reaction, but, on the Internet, I found a Clomid Club, with people who react to the stuff discussing it online."
Helena ended up conceiving naturally; she'll give birth in December.

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